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The blockchain technology is one of the most promising upcoming technological trends in the information technology domain. For the Asia-Pacific region, blockchain represents the most significant technological opportunity of the next decade, and is likely to be a wellspring of innovative ideas for leaders across the globe. Thoughtful observers of the blockchain phenomenon already recognize that they cannot ignore the cost efficiency and business effectiveness promises of distributed ledger technology. Just as the Internet upended the way we connect with the world, blockchain will provide a new model of trust. It’s time to find your organization’s digital business identity with blockchain.


The internet is entering a second era that’s based on blockchain. The last few decades brought us the internet of information. We are now witnessing the rise of the internet of value. Where the first era was sparked by a convergence of computing and communications technologies, this second era will be powered by a clever combination of cryptography, mathematics, software engineering and behavioral economics.

Asia is poised to become a hotbed for blockchain innovation with its dynamic socioeconomic landscape, solid interconnectivity, massive digitization of payment solutions and consistent regulatory environment. Organizations view blockchain as a game-changer and are beginning to develop strategies, increase collaborative efforts and address security and latency concerns.

The conference will bring together a blend of perspectives from blockchain experts and industry thought-leaders in a number of sessions, sharing insights on how to embrace the technology whilst navigating the legal and regulatory framework.


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